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We specialize in developing strategies utilizing areas of free commerce. This operating knowledge, unknown to the majority of companies, allows us to provide your business, and your customers with a significant competitive advantage.

We offer you a custom strategic design which will allow you to grow your North, South, and Central American business exponentially, operating through Zonamerica Free Trade Zone, in Montevideo, Uruguay, and Colón Free Trade Zone in, Colón, Panama


We base this design on four focus areas:


Strategic Product Storage, and Distribution

We understand the products your company produces, or commercializes travel long distances to reach your clients since every order must go through processing, packaging, and shipping, which creates a lengthy lead time until your client finds these items at his location. On the other hand, your client cannot maintain a high inventory in his power due to the elevated costs this represents, therefore locking you in place with your current operation


To counteract this issue, we offer a strategic low-cost logistic location that allows you to have your products in close proximity to your clients, without increasing your, or their costs, and obtaining an additional economic advantage in the process

Free Trade


Custom Door-to-Door Logistic Solutions

We tailor our logistic solutions specifically to your needs, coordinating the withdrawal of your goods abroad, transporting them towards more convenient ports or airports, hiring quick and safe transportation, while taking care of everything you need for the goods’ arrival at destination with complete traceability in each process leg


Efficient Design, Process, and Operation Strategies

We assure you higher operational efficiency through lean processes that will develop into increasingly positive financial results


Technical Service Support

We offer a Technical Service Team with Industry Certifications to repair your Customer’s equipment, in addition to administrate, and apply Vendor’s warranty system

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